For Consumers
If I create an AgePass Key in my browser's 'normal' mode is my privacy compromised at all?
We do not use cookies or other ways to compromise your security.
Why do I have to verify my age?
It is a legal requirement for adult content providers to verify your age if you visit a website that falls under the new regulation.
Why do I need to enter a PIN?
This feature is to secure your devices from use by other people who may have shared access.
I use my web browser's incognito mode, why do I need to create an AgePass key in my browser's 'normal' mode?
Incognito mode does not permit the retention of a key on your device. It means that all keys will be destroyed after you close the browser.
However, we can allow you to create a retained key by setting a ‘Password’ and 4-digit ‘PIN’ which can be re- entered whenever you open the incognito browser. Once in this session you will not need to re-enter anything. This then permits unhindered future access or with a 4-digit PIN depending on the selected browsing preferences.
For Content Providers
Do I need to pay to use AgePass?
AgePass is free for Content Providers to use. For Consumers, it may be free depending on the method of age verification chosen. AgePass charges consumers for the most privacy-centric age verification options such as the Age Verification Card.
How does AgePass work?
Our technology works through the combination of a few critical processes:
  • The separation of someone making a trusted statement about you, and the ongoing use of that trusted statement
  • Giving control over the use of trusted statements to the consumers that are the subject of the statement
  • Using a blockchain with private messaging capabilities to manage the use of and verification of, trusted statements.
In our situation 'trusted statements' are simply statements about a consumer’s age; specifically, "They are 18 or older". Once a consumer has validated their age with a trusted third-party data validator (that AgePass has integrated to), AgePass will ensure that this trusted digital statement is logged (anonymously) on our blockchain. We then provide the consumer the only key that enables its ongoing use.
If a consumer subsequently tries to visit a website that requires age-verification which has integrated with AgePass technology, they simply need to electronically 'pass' their key to our blockchain via the website they are trying to access. The key is cryptographically secured so that neither the website nor AgePass can read the contents. Once the key is passed to our blockchain and the credentials match previously logged credentials, the blockchain will produce a new one-time code and pass it to the website. Receipt of these one-time codes are evidence by the website owner that the consumer is "18 or over", else a one-time code would not have been produced.
Only the consumer is in possession of all the information. If a single consumer visited one website 10 times, the website would receive 10 unique one-off codes from AgePass.
The original validator has no record or visibility as to whether their trusted digital token is ever used. The website cannot determine who the visitor is pre or post-validation. AgePass has no access to Consumer credentials.
Only the consumer has the complete picture.
How does your solution work with our sites?
Any website can use the AgePass technology for age verification compliance. We offer a range of different integration options depending on what technology you are running. These range from server-side integrations (e.g. PHP), to simple WordPress plugins, and page-only JavaScript.
All you need to do is decide what integration method works best for you and whether you want to use our geolocation detector (to ascertain origin of the inbound viewer), then integrate using our online documentation: https://avsecure.com/developers/getting-started.
Once a consumer has established an AgePass account, when they visit your website our code will be initiated, and they will gain verified access.
How does your solution work with our sites?
If you choose to integrate to AgePass technology using server-side integration we will need a record of the public-key you create for this process. The sign-up process is extremely quick and simply a matter of completing a few fields in a web-form: https://avsecure.com/developers/getting-started.
What is the integration process?
We offer a variety of different integration options for website owners. These include PHP and .NET integrations, WordPress plugins, and JavaScript page-only integration. Once you have decided the breadth of the service you wish to integrate to your site (e.g. do you want you use the AgePass geolocation detector as well as age-verification software) and which integration method best suits your business and technology you simply need to follow our online documentation instructions to integrate.
What makes your solution better than the rest?
Our solution has been tailor-made to meet the requirements of maintaining consumer anonymity, whilst abiding by the age verification requirements of the regulator. Our solution provides anonymisation techniques that are industry leading, thereby ensuring that additional risks to consumer privacy resulting from the Digital Economy Act are minimised.
AgePass does not 'know' its customers. It requests consumers perform an age-authentication check with trusted third-parties (through a choice of options) and once validated our software allows consumers to create an anonymous access account that generates one-off-use tokens when they visit websites in the future. The generation of these tokens, which are passed to the website providers, ensure that the consumers aren’t tracked by our software.